Tons of toys and dvds for adults

Ran accross this store that has the most adult sex toys and adult dvds on the internet. Was so impresssed with the HUGE selection of toys and videos that I had to share this with everyone else out there, that is buying porn online.

The main reason is the prices they beat and other store on the internet for everything that I have found thus far. Anyways a great find that I added to my favorites list and you should to if your into surfing great porn like everyone else on the internet.

being super hot makes you an expensive whore in this guys eyes

I was forwarded this blog post about how this girl is calling out some geek who is asserting that stunningly beautiful women are whores, they take about a grand to bang. What a joke, this guys thinks that for $1000 he could have sex with a girl like this? He is crazy, I did get a laugh reading Stephanie rag him out about most likely never dating a girl like this.

I had no idea there were blogs that are posting pictures and comments about myspace girls, I thought there was already plenty of that stuff going on in myspace.