Sex furniture at Walgreens

Was shopping online on Walgreens website and found that they now sell The Liberator sex furniture online and at some stores. That tells me that maybe more types of sexy stuff may be arriving at Walgreens real soon and maybe to compete with Walmarts recent decision to start stocking sex toys on there shelves.

But it also got me to thinking that maybe this stuff works I mean why would these major corporations sell these products? So I may just get a Liberator wedge or ramp and try it out just to see how well it works because in my opinion anything that can help you make better love is worth a try.

Sex toys at Walmart

Yes that is right I saw sex toys at Walmart while I was there last time. I was blown away that Walmart would get into the sex toys business and I wonder what other adult toys are coming, will Walmart soon start to sell every type of sex toy like sex dolls and vibrators?

I think if Walmart does then they need an adults only section because how long is it going to be before a kid get theer hands on one of the products out on store shelves and the parents sue?