Movies or videos?

Well no matter what your looking for whether it is adult movies or adult videos I have the two best places on the internet to find either or. The first is probably my favorite website and sells thousands of adult movies on dvd or on demand and has the best prices i have found on the internet compared to any other online adult store.

The second is still one of my favorite places to surf but I am more of a movies keyword person not a videos so i stick with my adult movies instead of adult videos but both website sell the same things at the same prices just depends on what you like, so check both them of the out and see what works for you.

The year of the rat

This is the year of the rat and hard work will pay off for those who put in theres. This is looking like it is going to be a really great year and everything seems to be pointing in that direction and I am looking forward to when i get to go on vacation again next month.

My question to you is if you could go anywhere in the World no vacation with an unlimited budget where would you go and why? So if you willing to share do so by leaving a comment!

Another great year online

What a great year this has been and i am sorry I have not had much time to blog and tell you about all the wonderful things that have been going on in my life but I have been real busy working with friends launching websites and seeking venture capitol.

A few months back one of my friends came threw for a weekend visit and was raving about her online business and after thinking she was crazy and making much of it up I saw for my own eyes that what she was saying was true. She launched several online adult stores last year and they have been making thousands of dollars each week for her. Plus she wants to expand her business and asked me to help launch several websites around niche products like dvds and blu-ray discs.

Of course i said i would help her out anyway I could and since helping her with creating some websites around these niches we have been having a blast spending the money together going on trips and investing in other businesses.

Yes I am a Taurus what are you?

My friends ask me all the time what sign are you and I tell them all the same thing I am a Taurus which is the Bull then all of them jump online to there favorite horoscope place and start reading me, mine. I always tell them stop i do not want to hear about this crap and try to move on.

I am happy for people that believe in these things but i am not one of them and my spouse is which drives me crazy sometimes but because I love him i am willing to learn about what he likes about this world. Which to me is more important to do in this world then learn about what some other person is going to tell you whats going to happen to you because of th stars, which is learning from one another.

So basically I am saying I am human and lets talk about reality and not I am some spiritual being and lets dream about the future some person that got paid to write and tell us our future. Am i wrong for being a realist or are they wrong from having these whacked out dreams and trying to get me to follow them?