What a great movie Sicko is

Had the pleasure of watching the Micheal Moore film named Sicko in which he goes around to different countires and see what there medical systems are like compared to here in the United States. He even takes some 911 rescue workers to another country and gets them free medical care after the were turned away for medical care here in the States.

It made a lot of great point in the film and I hope everyone takes a look at this film and talks about it because that is how things get changed here in America and by this film you can tell we need made change in our Health care industry. I give this film 2 thumbs up and totally reccomend everyone go see it and take action after seeing it one thing the film does not say to do or how to do at teh end but something we need to do for sure.

I think we should all pay an extra 5 percent on our taxes each year and in return get free health care here in America. Because it makes me sick to think that we just passed a bill here in America that gives out 45 Billion dollars in tax payer funds to buy AIDS medications for people in Africa but we do not have a single dime for people here in America for any type of medical help? This to me is makes no sense.