M & Ms

A great candy for these hot summer days are M&Ms. The old commercial and slogan used to be, “They melt in your mouth – not in your hand!” That is so true! Any other chocolate melts so fast in this heat, sometimes you can’t even get it home from the grocery store without haveing a puddle in the bottom of the grocery bag. But the M&Ms are a good bet if you just want a little taste of something sweet and not have to worry about getting it home before it melts.

Summer Read

The series of novels by Stieg Larsson are finally out in paperback and on the shelves at Sam’s Club for about seven bucks. I bought “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Girl Who Played with Fire.” There is another one in the series but they were sold out. I’ll keep a look out for it and pick it up when I can. I heard they have been made into movies in Europe. I hope I can find them – but not until after I read the books.