Customer Service Decline

Last Friday one of my friends was complaining about how badly she was treated by Verizon’s customer service. She went into a Verizon store and after an hour of arguments with the Verizon reps, she gave up and left the store with a phone that still did not work.

Then on Saturday a different friend told me about a problem with her AT&T phone and how the AT&T phone store did not help her after an hour of arguing and trying passwords, account verifications, etc. She left the store with a phone that did not work.

Now, this morning I see a post by a friend who tried to get help with his Sprint phone. He got hung up on by the Sprint customer service rep, he called back. He got so upset with the next one that he called Sprint, “A joke.” and that customer service rep told him that HE was a joke and hung up on him. Two hang ups!?!?!? And still a phone that doesn’t work????

What is WRONG with these “customer service” people?


Dream Car

If money was no object, what car would you buy?

I remember as a kid being very impressed with certain cars. There are different lifestyles and social status associated with different cars. Some are posh and elegant, others are reckless and flashy.

My dream car would be a seafoam colored Jaguar with tan leather seats. I have seen that car in a parking lot in Las Vegas and I fell in love at first sight.