One of the cool things about Facebook is the way it tells you about birthdays. I get an email at the beginning of the week that lists everyone’s birthdays coming up that week. Then when I log in to Facebook every day there is a notice on the right column that tells me who’s birthday it is. So I say Happy Birthday to a lot of people and I hope that makes them smile and fell good. I know I like when people say that to me.

Leaves are Falling

The leaves in my yard are already falling off the trees. Usually we don’t have “Fall” around here until the end of October. I wonder if this means that we are going to have an early and long winter? I sure hope not – I hate the cold weather.

Throw the Ball

My dog can wear me out with his constant demand for attention. Just like a man!

Buck brings me the ball as soon as i get home and kick off my shoes. Then I have to throw the ball across the room or down the hall for him to chase it. He brings it right back and wants me to throw it again. He never gets tired before I do. But he is a good dog – love that littleĀ  guy!

Geezer Tours

The Geezer bands from the 1960’s and 1970’s are having concerts just everywhere this year. I can’t believe how old some of these guys are and they’ve never grown up. I’m just waiting for the show where one of those old fuckers has a heart attack on stage and dies. Some people don’t know when to retire. Damn!