Costume Party!

Tonight is the Halloween fun for grownups! We are going to a costume party tonight and then heading downtown to drive up and down Broadway to look at who is clubbing in costumes tonight.

I have been looking forward to this for two months. I found a costume online and ordered it, it fits, and I’m ready!

Yard Work

This weekend I have to rake leaves. This is one chore I don’t mind doing. I just wish we could sweep them all into the street like back in the day. Stuffing them into big plastic bags is not fun.

When I was a kid the leaves went into huge piles that lined the street. The kids made tunnels and pretend quicksand and ran and jumped into the piles and had fun. They, about an hour before dark, my granddaddy would light them up. We all stood by and watched the leaves burn, fascinated to watch the flames dancing while the sun went down. The smoke smelled so good! And the leaves would be all gone.

ISO The Perfect Man

the perfect man

Copied this from Facebook. I think it describes the perfect man, but it leaves out a lot of good things, too. I think the perfect man would make me feel safe and well provided for. And would be a good daddy to his children.