Have Always Loved a Parade

When I was just a little girl, my parents would make a big deal out of parades. We went to a lot of parades and we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every year on TV. My father always wanted to go to New York City and see that parade in person, but he never did get the chance to go.

I love the Macy’s parade because of all the balloons, which are annual symbols of popular American culture. Every year I look for the Snoopy balloon. He’s always been my favorite!

Joining the Family?

Everyone is busy chatting it up about their big travel plans next week. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two big “must be there” holidays when it comes to families. My family is so far away that getting there is expensive and if I drive it takes a full day to get there and a full day to get back home. So dealing with all that for just a dinner is frankly not worth it. I love my family, but I can have a very nice turkey dinner right here for thanksgiving. The worst thing about not being there? Anyone not in the room to defend themselves is the one that everyone else will talk about, gossip and criticize.