Heading Home

Christmas has been wonderful. The family enjoyed a nice dinner at my brother’s house. There were so many people coming to dinner this year that my mother’s house was not large enough to accommodate everyone. It was good of my brother to step up and be the host. Even though his girlfriend is challenged in the kitchen, we all pitched in and either brought food with us or got there early and helped in the kitchen. It all turned out nicely, even with my youngest brother showing up late.

On the Road for Christmas

Packing my bags tonight. I am heading out in the morning to visit my family over the holidays. At the moment, I plan to spend each night at my sister’s house. If her husband is pleasant and not too sick, that is where I would prefer to stay. But if we have to change the plans, that is fine – my mother’s house is just an hour from there. But then i wouldn’t have such access to my sister for the late night pajama parties and the long rides together in her car.

Anyway, I’ll be up there for a bit and hope you all have a wonderful, merry Christmas!

Ab Fab Rocks

Just discovered a show on TV called, “Absolutely Fabulous.” The fans call it, “Ab Fab.” This show comes on the BBC America cable channel, which is why I’ve never watched it before, I guess. So this week I was flipped through the channels and found the BBC America channel. Tried out some of the shows on there – they are a hoot! And now that I’ve seen the Ab Fab show, I’m hooked. The main character ends almost every sentence with the word, “darling,” or “my darling.” It is so addicting!

Color Picks

Every time I go to a hardware store, I love walking up and down the aisles – looking at the men who are in there shopping. This is the best place in town to look at men. Most of them are dressed for work and are wearing jeans, tee shirts and flannel shirts. I love that rugged look on a man.

Today I had to go to look at something else – the paint section with all those little strips of paint samples. It is overwhelming to see so many rainbows on display. I just wanted a soft green color for my room – something soothing and calming. But there were like 200 different shades of green. I couldn’t pick just one. I got a handful of greens strips and took them home. Maybe if I look at them while in my room I will get a better feel for the exact right shade.