The Circus

The circus is coming to town and I can’t stand it. Those fucktards abuse the animals in their shows so badly it is unbelievable. I would never in a million years give my money to those people. I realize they are trying to make a living, but hauling animals in small cages and the way they train them is just wrong. I hope that people here in town think twice about taking their kids to see the show. They are just perpetuating a vicious cycle of abuse. If the cirque de solie can do their shows without animals, why can’t other shows? I would like nothing more than to see any shows that didn’t involve animals in them.

I love clowns and always have. When I was a child my family took me to the circus, but really I was not happy seeing the animals in cages back then. I guess I haven’t changed all that much as I grew up. There is a lot more awareness now a days then there was back when my parents were growing up. For that I am very glad. I just wish people would stop doing such awful stuff to each other and to the animals of the world.

Your fucking kidding me

Oh hell no, you have got to be fucking kidding me.  I  read yesterday about a twenty five year old woman who is a grandmother already. WTF ! That is ridiculous. I cannot imagine being a mother yet and I am older then that, let alone a fucking grandmother. My friends and I talked about this topic last night over drinks and each of us said the same thing, that it is sickening.  I cannot fathom having a child at age twelve. At that age you are still a child yourself. My friend Sally said that there should be laws over seas like the ones we have here in the U.S. protecting children from this kind of thing.

There are a few countries like England who have laws much like ours, but in Eastern Europe it is still like the dark ages where women and girls are concerned. I can only shake my head at such a thing and wonder what her parents were thinking to allow her to marry at such a tender age. Perhaps they were trying to get rid of a mouth to feed, but if you can’t feed your children then you shouldn’t keep having them. I am totally amazed that people in this world still live like this.

I love free shit

I don’t have a Kindle, but I can get free downloads for Kindle PC. This shit is awesome. I have downloaded over two hundred and fifty books for free. I have books from all types of categories. Some of my favorites are; fantasy fiction, historical romance, historical fiction, adventure and horror. There are probably others since I love to read a lot, but that is just off the top of my head. Believe it or not there are a lot of categories for so many different topics that it can sometimes be a little confusing when browsing. This takes a bit of time, but I don’t mind.

Some of my favorite Authors are; Anne Rice, Steven King, Andrew Vachess, Clive Cussler, Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz, and many many more. I think I have read just about everything Anne Rice has written. Save one or two that might have been recently released. The Cussler books are great adventure books. If you want to lose yourself in a modern day adventure that is actually plausible, I suggest you read a few of his Dirk Pitt novels. Of course everyone knows who Steven King is as he is the master of suspense and horror. I think I will go read for a bit. Have a good one.

Relationship Check

relationship check

This was on Facebook someplace and I thought it was a good message. The first month of the year is when we all seem to get overly critical about ourselves and the people in out lives. I know that I am going to make a bigger effort to choose good friends and shed the ones who aren’t a good influence on me.

Black Eyed Peas for Luck in 2012

A Southern tradition on New Year’s Day is to eat a bowl of black eyed peas. If you want to go all out with Southern tradition, a plate of luck also includes cooked greens (like spinach, collards or kale) cooked with pork, along with those black eyed peas.

The peas, greens and pork represent prosperity, money and positive motion. That’s what I’m cooking today – we are going all out! Let 2012 be good to us all!