So fucking bored

Okay, I am so fucking bored. I want to do something different for a change. Oh I know ! I am going to just take off for the weekend. There are so many places to go and to see. I have a good idea of where to go too. The weather is pretty good, so I think I will go over to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky and see them. I have heard so much about them and the attractions over that way. There is a place I have wanted to visit since I heard about it, and it is called Kentucky Down Under. It’s a place that is all about Australia. They have dingo’s and rare birds and such, as well as shows that teach you about Australia.

It’s kind of like a vacation to Australia without ever leaving the United States. My friend Alice told me that there are a lot of gift shops and antique stores as well in that area, so that is a plus since I love to shop. I really love antiques though and that is definitely going to make the trip special. It will remind me of all the trips I took as a kid with my grandmother to go antiquing. I can’t fucking wait !

I love this shit

OMG…I love this shit. Sushi is the best food ever ! I just can’t get enough of it, no matter how much I eat. My favorite is the orange rolls, which have nothing to do with oranges. They call them that because of the color of the roe they use on the outside of them. Roe is fish eggs, just in case you didn’t know. Anyway, they have Alaskan snow crab meat as well as some vegetables inside them, then are rolled in the roe.  Usually I can get them at the local Publix, but sometimes I will go out to eat and be able to eat sushi.

Japanese food is amazingly healthy for you. I don’t understand why people do not adopt more Japanese food into their diet. Japanese Hibachi is really good too if you like steak and such. The sauces they use to dip in are to die for. There is this salad dressing that is awesome as well. I so miss going to the Japanese Steak House in Miami. It is called Benihana’s and they have the best Japanese food. Oh well, I will go there next time I vacation on the beach. I know I will not be able to fucking resist.

Fucking politics

There is always some fucking bullshit going on in politics. These people can barely wipe their own asses and we let them run our country? I would like to see anyone of these morons hold a regular job like the rest of us, or let them live paycheck to paycheck like so many people are right now. How in the hell can they sit up there and act like we are doing just fine. The only ones who are harping on anything are the ones running for office and that is only so they can get elected president.

I am so tired of politicians. They are all liers and cheats and thieves. They pass laws that are totally unconstitutional and then expect us to not get upset. The Occupy protests are a perfect example. It wasn’t until democrats starting protesting as well that people started paying attention to what is happening, politicians included. They don’t listen to what we want until shit hits the fan. Well guess what? When shit hits the fan it is already too late. We need a better system then the one we have because the voting system sucks. I don’t like any of the asshats running and cannot vote for any of them.


I am such a fucking ditz. I forgot to buy coffee when I went shopping, so I could only make about four cups this morning. Now two cups actually fills my coffee cup and when I ran down the road for a paper this morning, I set my coffee cup on top of the car. You can see where this is going right? So the coffee fell off and I didn’t even notice, so when I get home I find the cup in the driveway and was too irritated to go back out to the store to buy more coffee. I have to have two cups of coffee to wake up.

So I guess I am going to get a shower and drink what is left in the fucking pot, before I go out. After this morning I do believe I will treat myself to some Starbucks and just have done with it. I think having a double expresso shot in my coffee outta help. I certainly hope so, or this day is going to be shit all the way around. I have way to much to do, to be dragging ass all day. Oh well, wish me luck and I hope every one has a good day.

Crazy ass weather

This crazy ass weather is driving me up a wall. One day it is warm as shit and the next it’s in the twenties. I would so much prefer it if the weather would just pick a pattern and stick to it. This winter has been mostly rain, with almost no snowfall at all. The little bit of snow we have seen has lasted only about an hour on the ground. I am happy there hasn’t been a lot of ice, but damn, the rain is enough to make a person ready to build an ark.

Mud, mud, mud is also a serious problem for me this winter. Rain makes mud and no one ever wipes their shoes off good enough. So, it’s cold and rainy and fucking annoying. I hope next winter is more normal, but I cannot wait for summer. I want to lay my happy ass on the beach and bake like a fish in the oven. I am going to go camping down the river, just so I can do that, even if no one else goes with me. I have my own little boat, so I can go whenever I want. Ah well, summer will get here soon enough. Blah.