I miss True Blood

I haven’t fucking seen True Blood in so long it is pitiful. I miss Sookie Stackhouse and the gang. There was always something interesting happening on the show that you would not expect. Finding out that Sookie was a Fairy and that was why her blood was so good to vampires was totally out of the blue and shit. All of a sudden she was gone. I really felt sorry for her when she got back and found out they had sold her house and shit. I would have been really pissed off too. I think they were a little presumptive to declare her dead so quickly.

In the real world, it has to be at least five years for someone who is missing to be declared dead. At least I think that is the time frame. I could be mistaken, or it could depend on the differences from state to state. You never know with the law. Anyway, I miss watching Sookie, but I have a new cable plan and HBO is no longer on it since I switched providers. That in itself really sucks ass, but I will deal with it. Eventually the series will all be on disc and I can just buy it and watch them all one after another.

I fucking hate basketball

I am so fucking glad that March Madness is almost over. I am tired of hearing about basketball. Who cares about guys running back and forth on a stupid court anyway? It is almost as boring as baseball. The only thing to remotely recommend it, is nights out with my friends, but then I am stuck constantly watching this shit. I will be so very happy once it is over and we can get together somewhere that we can dance and have fun. I want to go somewhere that has a DJ and loud music.

I don’t complain to my friends about it, but they know I don’t really like basketball. There are only a few sports that I will watch. I really prefer dancing if I am going out and spending money. It’s kind of hard to dance in a sports bar during a game. I think that when March  Madness is over, I am going to suggest we all go downtown one night and hit a few clubs. That will sufficiently take care of my craving for a dance floor. I know that my friends will go, since I stuck with them through this crazy sports season. I might have to go buy myself a new outfit for the occasion as well.

I fucking love seafood

OMFG I love seafood. There is nothing better than this shit right here. I am eating left overs from the night before. We went to this awesome seafood restaurant and I absolutely loved it. I ordered Shrimp Alfredo with Linguine. It came with a side of garlic bread and we ordered New England Clam Chowder for our appetizer. Mike had the special of the day, which was sword fish. He let me taste it and it was divine. I don’t usually go for fish as per se, even though I love seafood. I like mostly shellfish. Didn’t matter though, because the sword fish was great.

I guess fish just depends on the restaurant and how they cook it.  I will definitely be going back to that place to eat. I will have to ask Mike the name of the restaurant as I cannot for the life of me, remember it. The servings were large enough that I obviously was able to bring home my left overs. I am so glad about that. I love having left overs later one from a great restaurant. I think I will take my mom there for Mothers Day. It is coming up quickly and I want to take her somewhere special.

Best Fuckin Meatloaf – EVER!

My mom was not much of a cook. She was what they called a “Modern Woman” who didn’t want to be bothered with time in the kitchen. Most of our dinners were something she either picked up from a drive through or something she took from a box, added a cup of water to it and tossed in the oven or microwave. I don’t know about you, but I fuckin loved it when any of my friends invited me over to their house for dinner. And my mom NEVER said I couldn’t go – even i I had gotten into trouble that day, I still got to go eat at someone else’s house.

But I like to cook. I guess it’s my own generation’s rebellion or something. Tonight I put together an awesome meatloaf. I found a recipe online and decided to make a shopping list, go to the grocery store and buy everything I needed to make it exactly like the recipe called for. And it was MARVELOUS!

Freedom of Speech vs Slander

There were so many issues flying around the internet over the weekend that I got disgusted with people and had to log off Facebook for the rest of the night last night. The big uproar is about Rush, but there were so many different aspects to the whole situation that I was getting very upset with some of my uber conservative friends. I don’t want to go into politics with you, but let me just say that there is a difference between freedom of speech and slander. Rush committed slander and a simple apology on his web site is not nearly enough to resolve his many problems. Nuff said.