Need Some Beach Time

Thank goodness we are coming up on Memorial Day Weekend. the unofficial start of summer!

Its already been like summer around here for the whole past month. Its hot. We get thunderstorms. We have longer daylight hours thanks to the wonderful invention of daylight savings.

This Memorial Day I am going to feel the sand between my toes. I need some beach time to relax and clear the cobwebs from my muddled brain. Know what I mean? There’s nothing like sand and cool water and a cold drink to make the day pass nicely by.

Poke Him Hard

poke him

I don’t get the poking thing they have on Facebook.What the fuck is the point of poking people? Either you talk to them or you don’t. But this joke made me laugh out loud. I sure do wish this poking had a practical use.

Slow Internet Today

What is going on today? I can’t get anything on the internet to work right. My Facebook is really slow to post comments and is acting all freaky. I keep getting error messages saying that database cannot be updated or some shit. And my email is sitting and spinning. It acts like I have all day to read a fucking message. It takes way too long to load an email for me to read it. And then when I want to delete it the email just sits there and does nothing.

Either we’ve got solar flares or sunspots making everything weird or my internet provider is sucking ass today.. I hate it when I call the cable company and get a recording that says areas are out of service. In today’s world they should have that covered better. There’s no excuse other than a natural disaster for the internet to be out or slow like this.