Sex Offenders In The Neighborhood

I remember a few years back, my mother had discovered the Internet and found a website that allowed her to input the zip code of any area and find a Sex Offenders Report on the local sex offenders. She placed the zip code of one of my sisters and was surprised to find that a registered sex offender lived right next fucking door to my sister and her family, so she immediately called my sister and informed her of her findings, in a panic.

That was a true eye opener for the entire family. It turned out that my sister approached her neighbor and discussed the fucked up situation and everything worked out all right and the neighbor has since moved away. This shit has made the whole family more aware of sex offenders and the process involved in the registering and the many ways to find out who is living close by that needs attention paid to. There are a lot of sick assholes out there on the loose and we, the public, need to pay close attention to make sure that our families are safe and out of harm’s way due to the fact. A very sad fact indeed. Please be aware and please be safe.



Cindy and Bobby, my two close friends since high school, who just recently moved out to Colorado, are now having to send for her aging mother to come out there to them to live until they can find the perfect Assisted Living in the Denver area to move her into. This apparently wasn’t expected for another 5 years or so. They wanted to get settled into their new home and jobs and get a few things squared away before having her relocate all of her shit out and up there in the Mile High City in the beautiful state of Colorado. Life always seems to get in the way of the best thought out plans for folks.

I don’t think that I would want to go anywhere near Colorado these days. What with all the fucking wild fires that devastated so many people and their homes and businesses. And then of course, least we forget the cocksucker that went into the movie theater and went bat ass crazy with his guns and shot up the place, killing and wounding dozens of innocent folks that were just trying to watch a fucking movie. Now that is one fucked up dude there. I wonder how long it is going to take for him to be tried and convicted and sent away, or even if he will be sent away. Most likely to a mental ward instead of in prison, sigh…..




Labor Day Rain

So here we sit at the beach, and it’s fucking raining. I can’t remember the last time that it rained over Labor Day weekend around here. Now Memorial Day, that’s a whole other story. I can’t remember a Memorial Day weekend that it didn’t fucking rain. I have several friends that take a ride up to D.C. for the Rolling Thunder events and each year they come home swearing that they will never again take that long hard and very wet ride. Of course they could always trailer their bikes up and back but none of my friends would even consider doing that, as that is part of the whole adventure.

It’s a damned good thing that I brought along my laptop, since the only other thing to do around here at this particular beach is to go to a bar and I’m sorry but drinking in the morning and early afternoon just isn’t my thing. I don’t mind tossing back a few in the evening, but not until at least 5:00pm. The weatherman is trying to be positive about the whole weekend, but since when did I ever believe or trust anything that ever came out of that cocksuckers mouth?