Are Magazines Still Bought and Read?

With so many people getting their news online and the continued growth of social media, I wonder if anyone still buys magazines? Do you read magazines anymore?

I subscribe to a couple of magazines that I like, such as Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair and Southern Living. I like them for different reasons and they do have online versions, but I really like to have my hands on the paper itself, with the high quality photography and pages that I can turn the corner down and find a favorite recipe or article again later. And with some magazines, I even like to read the ads, especially fashion and beauty magazines like Cosmo and Elle.

There are some magazines that I used to love, such as McCall’s, that have gone out of business. I even remember reading, Life, Look and the Saturday Evening Post. I miss them.

That makes me sad. I think doctor’s office waiting rooms need a variety of magazines for people who are stuck waiting and are bored, so having something to read helps ease the anxiety and boredom. I know my dentist has a bunch of magazines in his waiting area. Sometimes I even take one with me to the exam room, so I am not stuck on the dental chair staring at the ceiling, waiting to see the dentist. I hope that people will still buy magazines and support those businesses.

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