Poke Him Hard

poke him

I don’t get the poking thing they have on Facebook.What the fuck is the point of poking people? Either you talk to them or you don’t. But this joke made me laugh out loud. I sure do wish this poking had a practical use.

Slow Internet Today

What is going on today? I can’t get anything on the internet to work right. My Facebook is really slow to post comments and is acting all freaky. I keep getting error messages saying that database cannot be updated or some shit. And my email is sitting and spinning. It acts like I have all day to read a fucking message. It takes way too long to load an email for me to read it. And then when I want to delete it the email just sits there and does nothing.

Either we’ve got solar flares or sunspots making everything weird or my internet provider is sucking ass today.. I hate it when I call the cable company and get a recording that says areas are out of service. In today’s world they should have that covered better. There’s no excuse other than a natural disaster for the internet to be out or slow like this.

Freedom of Speech vs Slander

There were so many issues flying around the internet over the weekend that I got disgusted with people and had to log off Facebook for the rest of the night last night. The big uproar is about Rush, but there were so many different aspects to the whole situation that I was getting very upset with some of my uber conservative friends. I don’t want to go into politics with you, but let me just say that there is a difference between freedom of speech and slander. Rush committed slander and a simple apology on his web site is not nearly enough to resolve his many problems. Nuff said.


I am such a fucking ditz. I forgot to buy coffee when I went shopping, so I could only make about four cups this morning. Now two cups actually fills my coffee cup and when I ran down the road for a paper this morning, I set my coffee cup on top of the car. You can see where this is going right? So the coffee fell off and I didn’t even notice, so when I get home I find the cup in the driveway and was too irritated to go back out to the store to buy more coffee. I have to have two cups of coffee to wake up.

So I guess I am going to get a shower and drink what is left in the fucking pot, before I go out. After this morning I do believe I will treat myself to some Starbucks and just have done with it. I think having a double expresso shot in my coffee outta help. I certainly hope so, or this day is going to be shit all the way around. I have way to much to do, to be dragging ass all day. Oh well, wish me luck and I hope every one has a good day.


One of the cool things about Facebook is the way it tells you about birthdays. I get an email at the beginning of the week that lists everyone’s birthdays coming up that week. Then when I log in to Facebook every day there is a notice on the right column that tells me who’s birthday it is. So I say Happy Birthday to a lot of people and I hope that makes them smile and fell good. I know I like when people say that to me.