Slow Internet Today

What is going on today? I can’t get anything on the internet to work right. My Facebook is really slow to post comments and is acting all freaky. I keep getting error messages saying that database cannot be updated or some shit. And my email is sitting and spinning. It acts like I have all day to read a fucking message. It takes way too long to load an email for me to read it. And then when I want to delete it the email just sits there and does nothing.

Either we’ve got solar flares or sunspots making everything weird or my internet provider is sucking ass today.. I hate it when I call the cable company and get a recording that says areas are out of service. In today’s world they should have that covered better. There’s no excuse other than a natural disaster for the internet to be out or slow like this.

I miss True Blood

I haven’t fucking seen True Blood in so long it is pitiful. I miss Sookie Stackhouse and the gang. There was always something interesting happening on the show that you would not expect. Finding out that Sookie was a Fairy and that was why her blood was so good to vampires was totally out of the blue and shit. All of a sudden she was gone. I really felt sorry for her when she got back and found out they had sold her house and shit. I would have been really pissed off too. I think they were a littleĀ presumptive to declare her dead so quickly.

In the real world, it has to be at least five years for someone who is missing to be declared dead. At least I think that is the time frame. I could be mistaken, or it could depend on the differences from state to state. You never know with the law. Anyway, I miss watching Sookie, but I have a new cable plan and HBO is no longer on it since I switched providers. That in itself really sucks ass, but I will deal with it. Eventually the series will all be on disc and I can just buy it and watch them all one after another.

Weeds Cable Television

The great television series is back on and better than ever Weeds has really out done themselves this season making it another must see television event. There are so many twists and turns on this show it would be impossible for me to blog about them all and I would not even want to because this show is something you have to see for your self.

For those new to the series on Shotime you can catch all the past episodes via the on demand feature to catch you up which each show runs about 30 minutes which is my biggest complaint because it the time goes by so fast I wish it was like Dexter another Shotime original series that ran for an hour but hey I will take what I can get for now.