Bucket List Travel Destinations

I have a few places I’d like to travel to on my bucket list.  I’m never been a huge traveler because of financial limitations, or raising children, or my job.  There are a few US cities I’d like to travel to.  I’ve always wanted to see Montana, also known as Big Sky Country.  The reason it’s called Big Sky Country is because the sky seems to go on forever.  The photos I’ve seen of a Montana night sky show a billion stars.  While I’ve always been an avid sky watcher, it’s only been on a few camping trips to the mountains that I’ve had a good star show.  Most nights there is too much light pollution where I live.  Photos of the snow covered mountains in Montana are just majestic.  I’ve also seen gorgeous photos of crystal clear lakes with the mountains cascading around them.  I’ve never tried it but I’ve always wanted to go fly fishing.  I think I would do that in a Montana river.

Another city I’d like to see is New Orleans.  I don’t want to visit during Mardi Gras, it seems way too crazy at that time for me.  I’d like to go for the food and culture.  I  have heard of an old Chef by the name of  Justin Wilson who cooked Cajun food and was pretty much a comedian on his TV cooking show.  The Cajun cooking just looked delicious and I’d like to try the authentic variety some day.  I’d also like to see the cemeteries there.  In New Orleans, the dead are buried above the ground in vaults because the city is below sea level and often floods.  You don’t want coffins rising up out of the earth, do you?

These are the first two cities that come to mind,  I’ll have to give my bucket list some more thought.

Oh, Christmas Tree!

No more live Christmas trees for me. I went to buy mine and they wanted $60 for it. I’m just not able to spend that kind of money on something that will make the house smell nice for just a couple of weeks, drop needles on the floor that need to be constantly swept up, and will probably fall over at least once because my damn cat likes to climb up in the tree. I can’t figure out any way to keep the cat out of the tree. It’s like fighting Mother Nature Herself.

So I went to Big Lots and found a gorgeous artificial tree that has lights already on it and the whole thing is only $35! If the cat stays out of it, I’ve got a winner!

Black Eyed Peas for Luck in 2012

A Southern tradition on New Year’s Day is to eat a bowl of black eyed peas. If you want to go all out with Southern tradition, a plate of luck also includes cooked greens (like spinach, collards or kale) cooked with pork, along with those black eyed peas.

The peas, greens and pork represent prosperity, money and positive motion. That’s what I’m cooking today – we are going all out! Let 2012 be good to us all!

Heading Home

Christmas has been wonderful. The family enjoyed a nice dinner at my brother’s house. There were so many people coming to dinner this year that my mother’s house was not large enough to accommodate everyone. It was good of my brother to step up and be the host. Even though his girlfriend is challenged in the kitchen, we all pitched in and either brought food with us or got there early and helped in the kitchen. It all turned out nicely, even with my youngest brother showing up late.