Sex Offenders In The Neighborhood

I remember a few years back, my mother had discovered the Internet and found a website that allowed her to input the zip code of any area and find a Sex Offenders Report on the local sex offenders. She placed the zip code of one of my sisters and was surprised to find that a registered sex offender lived right next fucking door to my sister and her family, so she immediately called my sister and informed her of her findings, in a panic.

That was a true eye opener for the entire family. It turned out that my sister approached her neighbor and discussed the fucked up situation and everything worked out all right and the neighbor has since moved away. This shit has made the whole family more aware of sex offenders and the process involved in the registering and the many ways to find out who is living close by that needs attention paid to. There are a lot of sick assholes out there on the loose and we, the public, need to pay close attention to make sure that our families are safe and out of harm’s way due to the fact. A very sad fact indeed. Please be aware and please be safe.


Best Fuckin Meatloaf – EVER!

My mom was not much of a cook. She was what they called a “Modern Woman” who didn’t want to be bothered with time in the kitchen. Most of our dinners were something she either picked up from a drive through or something she took from a box, added a cup of water to it and tossed in the oven or microwave. I don’t know about you, but I fuckin loved it when any of my friends invited me over to their house for dinner. And my mom NEVER said I couldn’t go – even i I had gotten into trouble that day, I still got to go eat at someone else’s house.

But I like to cook. I guess it’s my own generation’s rebellion or something. Tonight I put together an awesome meatloaf. I found a recipe online and decided to make a shopping list, go to the grocery store and buy everything I needed to make it exactly like the recipe called for. And it was MARVELOUS!

So fucking bored

Okay, I am so fucking bored. I want to do something different for a change. Oh I know ! I am going to just take off for the weekend. There are so many places to go and to see. I have a good idea of where to go too. The weather is pretty good, so I think I will go over to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky and see them. I have heard so much about them and the attractions over that way. There is a place I have wanted to visit since I heard about it, and it is called Kentucky Down Under. It’s a place that is all about Australia. They have dingo’s and rare birds and such, as well as shows that teach you about Australia.

It’s kind of like a vacation to Australia without ever leaving the United States. My friend Alice told me that there are a lot of gift shops and antique stores as well in that area, so that is a plus since I love to shop. I really love antiques though and that is definitely going to make the trip special. It will remind me of all the trips I took as a kid with my grandmother to go antiquing. I can’t fucking wait !

The Circus

The circus is coming to town and I can’t stand it. Those fucktards abuse the animals in their shows so badly it is unbelievable. I would never in a million years give my money to those people. I realize they are trying to make a living, but hauling animals in small cages and the way they train them is just wrong. I hope that people here in town think twice about taking their kids to see the show. They are just perpetuating a vicious cycle of abuse. If the cirque de solie can do their shows without animals, why can’t other shows? I would like nothing more than to see any shows that didn’t involve animals in them.

I love clowns and always have. When I was a child my family took me to the circus, but really I was not happy seeing the animals in cages back then. I guess I haven’t changed all that much as I grew up. There is a lot more awareness now a days then there was back when my parents were growing up. For that I am very glad. I just wish people would stop doing such awful stuff to each other and to the animals of the world.

Heading Home

Christmas has been wonderful. The family enjoyed a nice dinner at my brother’s house. There were so many people coming to dinner this year that my mother’s house was not large enough to accommodate everyone. It was good of my brother to step up and be the host. Even though his girlfriend is challenged in the kitchen, we all pitched in and either brought food with us or got there early and helped in the kitchen. It all turned out nicely, even with my youngest brother showing up late.