Are Magazines Still Bought and Read?

With so many people getting their news online and the continued growth of social media, I wonder if anyone still buys magazines? Do you read magazines anymore?

I subscribe to a couple of magazines that I like, such as Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair and Southern Living. I like them for different reasons and they do have online versions, but I really like to have my hands on the paper itself, with the high quality photography and pages that I can turn the corner down and find a favorite recipe or article again later. And with some magazines, I even like to read the ads, especially fashion and beauty magazines like Cosmo and Elle.

There are some magazines that I used to love, such as McCall’s, that have gone out of business. I even remember reading, Life, Look and the Saturday Evening Post. I miss them.

That makes me sad. I think doctor’s office waiting rooms need a variety of magazines for people who are stuck waiting and are bored, so having something to read helps ease the anxiety and boredom. I know my dentist has a bunch of magazines in his waiting area. Sometimes I even take one with me to the exam room, so I am not stuck on the dental chair staring at the ceiling, waiting to see the dentist. I hope that people will still buy magazines and support those businesses.

Quit Yer Bitchin About ObamaCare

This constant bitching about Obamacare is really getting on my nerves. The LAW was passed over a year ago. It is the LAW. It dos no good to bitch about it and to threaten defunding it or impeaching anyone because of it.  I wish these asswipes would grow up and just shut up about it.

A lot of people need help getting insurance or getting medial care and prescriptions. It’s not too much to ask everyone to get insurance and to offer to help subsidize it if you can’t afford it. After all, if everyone is healthy we are a much stronger country. And I don’t want to know that I am the cause of anyone suffering needlessly. So, I’m all for the ACA and I’m done listening to the GOP bitching about it.