At My Timeshare – Do Not Disturb!

I am super excited to finally be on vacation.  I cannot tell you how much I need this break from the humdrum my ife has been these past several months. I really NEED this break!

A couple of friends and I started planning this trip months ago and it is the only motivation I’ve had to keep smiling and dealing with all the jerks at my job.    We were able to rent a timeshare that is right on the beach.  I get up in the morning and make a cup of coffee and take it out to sit and watch the sunrise.  I can’t get enough of seeing the Ocean at all times of day.  After the sunrise, I go back in for a bit of breakfast and then head to the beach again.

We all go out to eat dinner together and usually catch some live entertainment along the board walk.  I love all the fresh seafood options that are available here. I am ordering all kinds of fish platters and enjoying every bite of oysters and shellfish, too.

We have enjoyed the swimming pool and hot tub at the condo. It is kinda fun to just show up and meet a variety of other vacationers who are there relaxing. Almost everyone has been happy, friendly and chatting.  Sometimes it gets too hot to just sit at the pool, so I come in to the hot tub. I know it sounds weird to leave the hot pool and choose the hot tub instead, but that’s the truth!

And then, you guessed it, I’m back on the beach to watch the sunset.  It’s been beautiful and I’ve got some lovely photos I will enjoy looking at during the winter months.  When we get home we will start planning our next vacation!


To Market, To Market

It looks like most of the roadside stands have closed up this week. I used to be able to buy a fresh local cantaloupe, green peppers, and tomatoes from a vegetable stand across from the post office. But as I drove by there today I noticed that the fucking stand was boarded up and all the crates had been trucked out of there. That’s depressing. I like a lot of fruits and vegetables and I try to buy locally when I can.

Looks like the cooler weather will be bringing us apples and more of the winter vegetables now. We have a pick your own orchard nearby. That would be a nice way to spend a few hours one weekend – picking a bushel of local apples. And of course every where you fucking look there seems to be a butt load of pumpkins patches advertising that you can now pick your own pumpkins which is something that I have tried to do each fall.

I even found a great market right out of town that sells fresh local foods that are all natural. A lot of meats and my all time favorite is the milk. It comes in the glass containers, instead of those shitty plastic jugs that just destroy the taste of milk. And if you don’t shake up the container before opening it you will find what they call the “plug” of cream that finds it’s way up top that is so tasty to dip and use in your tea or coffee. This fresh local milk is the best even though you have to pay a $2 deposit on each of the bottles that you take out of there.

Today’s Customer Service Issues

Most of my grocery shopping is done at our local Food Lion Supermarket, they always seem to have better prices and good sales than the other fucking food stores here in this area. And I really do like the cashiers that work there in which I have come to know so well through out the years of living and shopping here. Most of them know me my name and are so very kind and genuinely sincere with their questions and/or concerns that they approach me with. A lot of times I will have walked out of there in much better spirits than when I had entered the store. I can’t tell you what a major difference that has made in my grocery shopping habits.

With customer service such a big issue these days, with the economy just fucking with every type of business out there, you would think that more stores would insist that their employees provide the best fucking possible customer service possible. If nothing else, just to look someone in the eyes, extend a greeting to them and last not certainly not least say thank you. I can’t tell you how many times some asshole cashier just takes my money and moves on to the next asshole in line which pisses me off to no end and has prompted me to go straight to management. At least say a fucking thank you for Christ sake!


Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Woke up on the wrong side of the fucking bed this morning. I don’t know what is wrong – not PMS’ing or anything. I’m just mad at the world. So here’s your fair warning. Stay out of my way today, because I’m kicking ass and taking names.

I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, but I’m not sure that will help much. My own coffee sucks ass – I would much rather drive through Starbucks and pick up my order at a window somewhere along the road. Maybe a vente caramel machiatto will help. Last time I felt like this, a quick trip to Starbucks saved many lives.

I fucking love seafood

OMFG I love seafood. There is nothing better than this shit right here. I am eating left overs from the night before. We went to this awesome seafood restaurant and I absolutely loved it. I ordered Shrimp Alfredo with Linguine. It came with a side of garlic bread and we ordered New England Clam Chowder for our appetizer. Mike had the special of the day, which was sword fish. He let me taste it and it was divine. I don’t usually go for fish as per se, even though I love seafood. I like mostly shellfish. Didn’t matter though, because the sword fish was great.

I guess fish just depends on the restaurant and how they cook it.  I will definitely be going back to that place to eat. I will have to ask Mike the name of the restaurant as I cannot for the life of me, remember it. The servings were large enough that I obviously was able to bring home my left overs. I am so glad about that. I love having left overs later one from a great restaurant. I think I will take my mom there for Mothers Day. It is coming up quickly and I want to take her somewhere special.