Poke Him Hard

poke him

I don’t get the poking thing they have on Facebook.What the fuck is the point of poking people? Either you talk to them or you don’t. But this joke made me laugh out loud. I sure do wish this poking had a practical use.

Relationship Check

relationship check

This was on Facebook someplace and I thought it was a good message. The first month of the year is when we all seem to get overly critical about ourselves and the people in out lives. I know that I am going to make a bigger effort to choose good friends and shed the ones who aren’t a good influence on me.

Feels good looks good

It awesome when it feels good, no doubt about it. It’s even better when it looks hot while it feels incredible. She is going down and doing it right, licking and sucking here and there slowly to bring pleasure, not just trying to get you hard or get you off, she wants to bring pleasure and keep it going.

The whole time she is giving a good show as well, pouting her lips, and showing off her body. giving me glimpses of her coy looks and sexy eyes, focusing her attention on my thing and giving me the space to focus on her beauty. She’s gorgeous in many ways, it’s almost too much to take in.

Just a little poem my guy wrote to me the other day  almost melted my heart!