Quit Yer Bitchin About ObamaCare

This constant bitching about Obamacare is really getting on my nerves. The LAW was passed over a year ago. It is the LAW. It dos no good to bitch about it and to threaten defunding it or impeaching anyone because of it.  I wish these asswipes would grow up and just shut up about it.

A lot of people need help getting insurance or getting medial care and prescriptions. It’s not too much to ask everyone to get insurance and to offer to help subsidize it if you can’t afford it. After all, if everyone is healthy we are a much stronger country. And I don’t want to know that I am the cause of anyone suffering needlessly. So, I’m all for the ACA and I’m done listening to the GOP bitching about it.

Need Some Beach Time

Thank goodness we are coming up on Memorial Day Weekend. the unofficial start of summer!

Its already been like summer around here for the whole past month. Its hot. We get thunderstorms. We have longer daylight hours thanks to the wonderful invention of daylight savings.

This Memorial Day I am going to feel the sand between my toes. I need some beach time to relax and clear the cobwebs from my muddled brain. Know what I mean? There’s nothing like sand and cool water and a cold drink to make the day pass nicely by.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Woke up on the wrong side of the fucking bed this morning. I don’t know what is wrong – not PMS’ing or anything. I’m just mad at the world. So here’s your fair warning. Stay out of my way today, because I’m kicking ass and taking names.

I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, but I’m not sure that will help much. My own coffee sucks ass – I would much rather drive through Starbucks and pick up my order at a window somewhere along the road. Maybe a vente caramel machiatto will help. Last time I felt like this, a quick trip to Starbucks saved many lives.

I miss True Blood

I haven’t fucking seen True Blood in so long it is pitiful. I miss Sookie Stackhouse and the gang. There was always something interesting happening on the show that you would not expect. Finding out that Sookie was a Fairy and that was why her blood was so good to vampires was totally out of the blue and shit. All of a sudden she was gone. I really felt sorry for her when she got back and found out they had sold her house and shit. I would have been really pissed off too. I think they were a little presumptive to declare her dead so quickly.

In the real world, it has to be at least five years for someone who is missing to be declared dead. At least I think that is the time frame. I could be mistaken, or it could depend on the differences from state to state. You never know with the law. Anyway, I miss watching Sookie, but I have a new cable plan and HBO is no longer on it since I switched providers. That in itself really sucks ass, but I will deal with it. Eventually the series will all be on disc and I can just buy it and watch them all one after another.