School Buses

This is the time of year that all the big yellow school buses are back out on the road during the morning rush hour. It can really fuck up your whole day getting stuck behind one of those, especially on a back road where you just can’t pass the bastards and go on about your way. And the smell of the exhaust coming out of those cocksuckers is about to you to death if you are driving with your windows down or have your vents open.

At least I don’t have to deal with them on the way back home in the evening. Usually they have already picked up and distributed all the little shits back home, safe and sound although a few stragglers are still on the road. I imagine they are the late buses for the kids who stayed after school for various reasons. Although the county that I live it had to do away with their late buses several years ago due to budget cut backs. That must really suck for kids and parents alike. I know that we used the late buses quite often when we attended school, both of our parents worked full time so they were not able to pick us up and it would have been a long ass walk home if not for those late buses.


Mobile Banking coming?

The United States is so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to wireless technology and I think it is important for us to catch up, and not just using the devices, but also in letting them become a every day part of our lives. I would like to be able to use my cellphone like a credit card and charge it to my Visa like they do in Europe and Japan today. What is it going to take to get phones in America, that scan codes or play video.

Mobile Web Developer

Yes thats what I am and most of what you will be reading will be related to work and family life along with some tips and tricks for developing mobile web sites and now I am offically a blogger and a WordPress blogger at that. After looking around at all the other blogging platforms out there I choose WordPress because of ease of use and because several friends reccommended it for what I plan on doing with this site which is talking about anything that comes to mind.So for those of you reading my blog enjoy and welcome to the world of Mandy Essex