Cindy and Bobby, my two close friends since high school, who just recently moved out to Colorado, are now having to send for her aging mother to come out there to them to live until they can find the perfect Assisted Living in the Denver area to move her into. This apparently wasn’t expected for another 5 years or so. They wanted to get settled into their new home and jobs and get a few things squared away before having her relocate all of her shit out and up there in the Mile High City in the beautiful state of Colorado. Life always seems to get in the way of the best thought out plans for folks.

I don’t think that I would want to go anywhere near Colorado these days. What with all the fucking wild fires that devastated so many people and their homes and businesses. And then of course, least we forget the cocksucker that went into the movie theater and went bat ass crazy with his guns and shot up the place, killing and wounding dozens of innocent folks that were just trying to watch a fucking movie. Now that is one fucked up dude there. I wonder how long it is going to take for him to be tried and convicted and sent away, or even if he will be sent away. Most likely to a mental ward instead of in prison, sigh…..




Summer Read

The series of novels by Stieg Larsson are finally out in paperback and on the shelves at Sam’s Club for about seven bucks. I bought “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Girl Who Played with Fire.” There is another one in the series but they were sold out. I’ll keep a look out for it and pick it up when I can. I heard they have been made into movies in Europe. I hope I can find them – but not until after I read the books.

What a great movie Sicko is

Had the pleasure of watching the Micheal Moore film named Sicko in which he goes around to different countires and see what there medical systems are like compared to here in the United States. He even takes some 911 rescue workers to another country and gets them free medical care after the were turned away for medical care here in the States.

It made a lot of great point in the film and I hope everyone takes a look at this film and talks about it because that is how things get changed here in America and by this film you can tell we need made change in our Health care industry. I give this film 2 thumbs up and totally reccomend everyone go see it and take action after seeing it one thing the film does not say to do or how to do at teh end but something we need to do for sure.

I think we should all pay an extra 5 percent on our taxes each year and in return get free health care here in America. Because it makes me sick to think that we just passed a bill here in America that gives out 45 Billion dollars in tax payer funds to buy AIDS medications for people in Africa but we do not have a single dime for people here in America for any type of medical help? This to me is makes no sense.

Movies or videos?

Well no matter what your looking for whether it is adult movies or adult videos I have the two best places on the internet to find either or. The first is probably my favorite website and sells thousands of adult movies on dvd or on demand and has the best prices i have found on the internet compared to any other online adult store.

The second is still one of my favorite places to surf but I am more of a movies keyword person not a videos so i stick with my adult movies instead of adult videos but both website sell the same things at the same prices just depends on what you like, so check both them of the out and see what works for you.