I miss True Blood

I haven’t fucking seen True Blood in so long it is pitiful. I miss Sookie Stackhouse and the gang. There was always something interesting happening on the show that you would not expect. Finding out that Sookie was a Fairy and that was why her blood was so good to vampires was totally out of the blue and shit. All of a sudden she was gone. I really felt sorry for her when she got back and found out they had sold her house and shit. I would have been really pissed off too. I think they were a littleĀ presumptive to declare her dead so quickly.

In the real world, it has to be at least five years for someone who is missing to be declared dead. At least I think that is the time frame. I could be mistaken, or it could depend on the differences from state to state. You never know with the law. Anyway, I miss watching Sookie, but I have a new cable plan and HBO is no longer on it since I switched providers. That in itself really sucks ass, but I will deal with it. Eventually the series will all be on disc and I can just buy it and watch them all one after another.

Freedom of Speech vs Slander

There were so many issues flying around the internet over the weekend that I got disgusted with people and had to log off Facebook for the rest of the night last night. The big uproar is about Rush, but there were so many different aspects to the whole situation that I was getting very upset with some of my uber conservative friends. I don’t want to go into politics with you, but let me just say that there is a difference between freedom of speech and slander. Rush committed slander and a simple apology on his web site is not nearly enough to resolve his many problems. Nuff said.

Fucking politics

There is always some fucking bullshit going on in politics. These people can barely wipe their own asses and we let them run our country? I would like to see anyone of these morons hold a regular job like the rest of us, or let them live paycheck to paycheck like so many people are right now. How in the hell can they sit up there and act like we are doing just fine. The only ones who are harping on anything are the ones running for office and that is only so they can get elected president.

I am so tired of politicians. They are all liers and cheats and thieves. They pass laws that are totally unconstitutional and then expect us to not get upset. The Occupy protests are a perfect example. It wasn’t until democrats starting protesting as well that people started paying attention to what is happening, politicians included. They don’t listen to what we want until shit hits the fan. Well guess what? When shit hits the fan it is already too late. We need a better system then the one we have because the voting system sucks. I don’t like any of the asshats running and cannot vote for any of them.

Ab Fab Rocks

Just discovered a show on TV called, “Absolutely Fabulous.” The fans call it, “Ab Fab.” This show comes on the BBC America cable channel, which is why I’ve never watched it before, I guess. So this week I was flipped through the channels and found the BBC America channel. Tried out some of the shows on there – they are a hoot! And now that I’ve seen the Ab Fab show, I’m hooked. The main character ends almost every sentence with the word, “darling,” or “my darling.” It is so addicting!

Have Always Loved a Parade

When I was just a little girl, my parents would make a big deal out of parades. We went to a lot of parades and we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every year on TV. My father always wanted to go to New York City and see that parade in person, but he never did get the chance to go.

I love the Macy’s parade because of all the balloons, which are annual symbols of popular American culture. Every year I look for the Snoopy balloon. He’s always been my favorite!