Another great year online

What a great year this has been and i am sorry I have not had much time to blog and tell you about all the wonderful things that have been going on in my life but I have been real busy working with friends launching websites and seeking venture capitol.

A few months back one of my friends came threw for a weekend visit and was raving about her online business and after thinking she was crazy and making much of it up I saw for my own eyes that what she was saying was true. She launched several online adult stores last year and they have been making thousands of dollars each week for her. Plus she wants to expand her business and asked me to help launch several websites around niche products like dvds and blu-ray discs.

Of course i said i would help her out anyway I could and since helping her with creating some websites around these niches we have been having a blast spending the money together going on trips and investing in other businesses.

Suns Looking Glass

Suns Looking Glass

Saw this great video clip on Technorati in which Suns CEO Johnathon Schwartz demonstrates some of the abilities for a program called Looking Glass and is worth a view if you have about 5 minutes to kill. My favorite feature is the ability to turn a web page around and write noted on the back of it for you and other on your network of friends to see. Ofcourse the 3D inviroment is something special as well.

Mobile Banking coming?

The United States is so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to wireless technology and I think it is important for us to catch up, and not just using the devices, but also in letting them become a every day part of our lives. I would like to be able to use my cellphone like a credit card and charge it to my Visa like they do in Europe and Japan today. What is it going to take to get phones in America, that scan codes or play video.

Just about to graduate from college so hold tight

After a very long 6 years of college I am almost done, it has been intersting growing up in the I Generation and having the internet everywhere. Everyone asks me what do I use when surfing the web and keeping up with all my life and work stuff and I tell them that I use the best thing on the web, Google. After switching my major half way thru college to focus more on internet and computer enginering, It was probably the best thing I could have happen to me in the my life thus far. I was a starving artist for my first couple of years so I began to get into web design after a friend showed me a couple of web sites she had made for herself. Then web designing just became like second nature, and now I have two jobs lined up when I finish college and I also plan to do alot of free lance wqork as well which is why I started this blog, I figured it was a great idea to post some of my frustrations and admirations online as well as some of my many works of art.