Best Fuckin Meatloaf – EVER!

My mom was not much of a cook. She was what they called a “Modern Woman” who didn’t want to be bothered with time in the kitchen. Most of our dinners were something she either picked up from a drive through or something she took from a box, added a cup of water to it and tossed in the oven or microwave. I don’t know about you, but I fuckin loved it when any of my friends invited me over to their house for dinner. And my mom NEVER said I couldn’t go – even i I had gotten into trouble that day, I still got to go eat at someone else’s house.

But I like to cook. I guess it’s my own generation’s rebellion or something. Tonight I put together an awesome meatloaf. I found a recipe online and decided to make a shopping list, go to the grocery store and buy everything I needed to make it exactly like the recipe called for. And it was MARVELOUS!