Unskilled vs Untrained

Summer is here and that means a lot of high school and college students are out looking for a part time or summer job. Unfortunately, most of them don’t really have any marketable skills or training that will help them break into the job market. And, let’s face it, entry level jobs suck. The jobs are either boring, repetitive, demeaning or dirty tasks that no one else wants to do.

There is a difference between unskilled workers and untrained workers. An unskilled worker usually has little or no experience in the particular job, or they don’t even need any particular skills to do the job at hand. How hard is it to bale hay or to pick tomatoes? Or to stand in a little both with a microphone headset and cash register to take drive through orders and make change? You can show these people how to do those jobs in less than one hour and put them right to work.

But untrained workers are different and can actually cost a business money losses and disgruntled customers. That is why most companies who are serious about good customer service and their standing in the community will invest in their new hires by training them for all types of encounters and processes. They will want their employees to know the inventory, how to help customers solve their problems, and what the store policies are for a variety of situations.